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YA / Adult Science Fantasy Series by Tina Field Howe

~ Book One: Alysa of the Fields
~ Book Two:
The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun

~ Book Three, in development: The Monx of the Roaming Star

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Alysa of the Fields Audio Book Kickstarter Fundraiser

I am SO grateful to everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter fundraiser! Contributors are:

Pam Bliss

Tracy Brown

Alison Chen

Catherine Chen

Sally Chen

Suzy Corse

Richard Durham

Anne Emerick

Barry Eva

Exhibit A

Hilary Godard & Martha Ritter

Elizabeth J. Kilcrease

Sandra Margeson

Sheila Miller

Margaret Martabano

Perry Motter

Al & Marilyn Rakowski

Cynthia Scott

David A. Scott

Janet Stafford

Tracey Thompson

Jacqueline Welles

Patricia Woodruff

Heather Yang

Since production costs are high for this project (even with the additional generous Artist Crossroads grant), these contributions will make it possible to bring the final product to completion! THANK YOU ALL!  

Click on the Kickstarter link below to listen to the narration by two leads in the audio book: Alison Chen & David A. Scott.

Past Kickstarter Fundraiser


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