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Alysa of the Fields Audio Book Scenes Clips

Below are several clips from the audio book. These are meant to give a peek into the audio book, showcase the actors, the music and effects. You can listen to final clips of all 98 tracks at CD Baby or DigStation.

The clips are labeled for the voices they contain, their place in the story and featured actors. The pages in the book are listed if you care to read along. Click here to listen to the music clips. 

Additional sound was provided by SkyRider Sound. Click here for a Glossary of people, places and things.

Clip 1

The death of Father Gord'n - p. 3 

Features Bill Christoffels & Art Hofstetter

Clip 2

3,000 cycles (years) later - Young Alysa & Young Seda along the stream - p. 7-8

Features Tonery Rose Rogers & Mariah Morse

Clip 3

Along the stream, Alysa weeps for her lost father - p. 15

Features Alison Chen & Warren Jeffrey Motter

Clip 4

Kendira tells a story to the younglings (children) - p. 20-21

Features Sandra Hitchcock

Clip 5

Alysa and little sister Ellee walk back to their cottage - p. 29

Features Alison Chen & Tonery Rose Rogers

Clip 6

Elder Tola leads a gathering - p. 47

Features Bill Christoffels

Clip 7

Kendira shocks Alysa with an unfair decree - p. 52

Features Sandra Hitchcock & Alison Chen

Clip 8

Angry Kendira visits Loralle, Alysa's mother - p. 64-65

Features Sandra Hitchcock & Melanie Uhlir

Clip 9

Alysa & betrothed (fiance) Orryn - p. 72-73

Features Alison Chen & Jared Allen

Clip 10

Alysa tells Seda that she doesn't want to join (marry) with Orryn - p. 86-87

Features Tracey Thompson & Alison Chen

Clip 11

Major Trader Boshe & Alysa prepares for Trade - p. 96

Features Alison Chen & Bob Guzman

Clip 12

Alysa meets Trailman Szaren (again) - p. 106

Features David A. Scott & Alison Chen

Clip 13

Trailman Healer Obala tends to Alysa - p. 130
Features Suzy Corse & Alison Chen

Clip 14

Alysa meets Chief Elder Islean - p. 141-142

Features Valerie Bryant, Suzy Corse & Alison Chen

Clip 15

Trailmen Jesh & Rainur have a dispute - p. 215

Features Graham Howard & Colin Larnerd

Clip 16

Trailmen Marteen & Rainur train Field Folk - p. 257

Features Jean Peterson & Graham Howard

Clip 17

The Battle of M'rauda Ridge - p. 274-275

Features Valerie Bryant & Andy Parker

Clip 18

Haraht confronts Alysa - p. 290

Features Amy Lange & Alison Chen

Clip 19

Bonus Chapter from Book Two - Betram recaps history - Book 2, p. 1-2

Features Matt Kapral

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