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~ Book One: Alysa of the Fields
~ Book Two:
The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun

~ Book Three, in development: The Monx of the Roaming Star

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Alysa of the Fields Audio Book Reviews

Reader Views Kids Review


I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and sci-fi. My entire family enjoyed listening to this book, even my five-year-old brother and my mom. “Alysa of the Fields: Book One in the Tellings of Xunar-kun” was a very intriguing audio book and almost immediately immersed me in it. This was the first book in a series and I can’t wait to read or listen to the next one.

Ben Weldon
Reader Views Kids

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I quickly became caught up in Alysas tale. I found myself cheering her on.

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Alysa of the Fields, by Tina Field Howe, has already been hailed as a magical fantasy masterpiece. Now the author has taken her story to a new level, creating a mesmerizing innovation that will have an enlightening impact on the world of audio books.

Jay Sellers

I finished the audio book this morning. It was beyond what I expected! A fun new way to enjoy an already great book. Can't wait for the next one!

Ben P.


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