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Alysa of the Fields Audio Book Music

Warren Jeffrey Motter (MP3Unsigned) won the 1989 Rothschild Recording Society Pop-Rock Album of the Year for Stranger In A Strange Land, and the 1990 Texas Songwriter's Association's Song of the Year, runner up for Gypsy Lady. Warren's music is perfect for this audio book! Listen to a few clips of the many he provided for the audio book, along with brief production notes as to how it was used.

Clip 1

Under a hurtling meteor, smashing space station, & recurring theme of the Ancients.

Clip 2

Alysa's theme: meek & quiet (only until you get to know her!)

Clip 3

The stream, Alysa's haven; the blue pendant, rays of light & other water.

Clip 4

The Field Folk, 5 variations from simple to layered with flute & drums.

Clip 5

Teller Kendira's theme (the ominous bassoon is perfect for this character!)

Clip 6

Loralle's theme (Alysa's mother) - hopeful, loving, soothing.

Clip 7

The Trailmen's theme, 3 variations, from simple to drums & guitar.

Clip 8

Alysa's traveling music, 3 variations.

Clip 9

Low voices of "doom" herald dreams of & confrontation with the dreaded M'raudas.

Clip 10

Action music with drums & guitar represents the Trailmen in fight training.

Clip 11

Promotes a feeling of apprehension & adventure, used to foreshadow.

Clip 12

Music played at the Battle of M'rauda Ridge.

Clip 13

"Alysa the Brave" - played & sung at the end.

Music copyright 2010 Warren Jeffrey Motter. Lyrics copyright Tina Field Howe.


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